Located in Canterbury, Connecticut, Brooklyn-Canterbury Large Animal Clinic provides mobile veterinary services in Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. BCLAC provides veterinary care to horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and other farm animals. (Or even the occasional bison or alpaca!)

We are accepting new clients, and the BCLAC veterinarian provides 24 hour emergency veterinary services. BC Large Animal Clinic strives to keep our website updated with a current list of our equine and farm animal veterinary services, but you can always reach out to the BC Large Animal staff with questions. If you have any questions regarding the services our large animal veterinarians provide, please contact us.

Equine Veterinary Services

Whether you’re looking for an equine vet in Connecticut or an equine vet in Rhode Island, Dr. Alice Ennis can provide quality veterinary care to your horse! We provide veterinary services in Sterling, Brooklyn, North Stonington & other parts of eastern Connecticut. Do you require an equine emergency veterinarian in Rhode Island or eastern Connecticut? We provide 24/7 equine emergency care.

BC Large Animal Clinic can help with many of your horse health needs.

BCLAC provides comprehensive veterinary care to horses in Connecticut & Rhode Island. Our annual wellness care includes the following:

  • Vaccinations based on your horse’s individual needs
  • Lyme Elisa test and Western Blot
  • Coggins tests
  • Parasite Control
  • Preventative Lab Work


BC Large Animal Clinic believes in providing complete care to our aging equine patients. Our veterinary services for senior horses include most of the care provided in a general equine wellness exam, but with an emphasis on preventative labwork and dental care. Preventative screens may catch issues your horse is having early on, helping your animal to live a longer, healthier life.


If you need a vet to float teeth in Rhode Island or Connecticut, we have years of experience performing traditional hand floats.


  • Pre-purchase exams
  • Interstate health certificates
  • Lameness examinations
  • Digital ultrasound
  • Reproductive services for horses, including artificial insemination and reproductive ultrasound.
  • Farrier Consultations

Farm Animal Veterinary Services

The veterinarian of Brooklyn-Canterbury Animal Clinic offers a variety of veterinary services to a spectrum of farm animals in Eastern Connecticut & Rhode Island. Dr. Alice Ennis has experience working with goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas and more.

Whether you’re looking for a goat veterinarian in Rhode Island or a veterinarian for a pot-bellied pig in Connecticut, the large animal vet at BCLAC would love to provide you with quality vet care.

Services provided:

  • Annual preventative wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Emergency services